What’s the joke? You decide!

What is she saying?  Why?

Magari vi sembra uno strano modo per imparare l’inglese, ma funziona!  Guarda qui: Corsi*Creativi

If you can’t invent your own punchline, which of these do you like most:

“You’re not supposed to mix Ambien and Quadrophenia.”
Submitted by Matt Ian, Brooklyn, N.Y.

“You know, Dad, this is not making ‘the talk’ any less awkward.”
Submitted by Daniel Kenitz, Hartford, Wis.

“Dad, you’re not talking about my generation.”
Submitted by James Tantum, Yardley, Pa.

If you understand the joke, who are they referring to?   And… we’re you a mod or a rocker?!

Everyone that  answers the first question correctly by 12pm June 2, 2014 wins a Global*Focus voucher good for a 20% discount on summer English lessons!

From newyorker.com



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