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Read and complete the phrases. Circle A, B, C or D.

1. Anna speaks Dutch. She comes _____ the Netherlands.

A. in                          B. of                          C. by                         D. from

2. I _____ one brother and six sisters.

A. am                         B. has                        C. have                      D. are

3. ‘Have you been playing tennis?’ ‘No, I _____.’

A. have                      B. didn’t                    C. haven’t                  D. don’t

4. Joe is pointing at _____.

A. she                        B. her                        C. he                         D. they

5. I want you to turn _____the volume on the tv. It’s much too loud.

A. down                     B. up                         C. out                        D. off

6. It often _____ in the winter.

A. snows                      B. snow                       C. is snowing                D. snowing

7. I _____ to Istanbul for a meeting last week.

A. go                         B. gone                      C. went                     D. been

8. My cousin was _____ all week.

A. at the home                         B. in the home                         C. in home                 D. at home

9. Carl is writing _____.

A. with pen                B. by a pen                C. on paper                D. by paper

10. I’ll call from the airport as soon as I _____ there.

A. get            B. shall get                 C. got                 D. will get

11. Those are not _____ these.

A. different that     B. the same that     C. the same as     D. the different from

12. I want to give _____.

A. to him a gift     B. him a gift     C. a gift him     D. some gift him

13. We’ve got to tell him that _____ old to climb mountains.

A. he’s getting so     B. he gets too     C. he’s getting too     D. he gets so

14. I hardly ever eat _____ ice cream.

A. neither cake nor     B. cake or     C. or cake or     D. neither cake or

15. ‘Glenn and Robert’s books are on the table.’ ‘Sorry, I didn’t hear you. Where are the _____?’

A. boys book     B. boy’s books     C. boy’s book     D. boys’ books

16. Do you like that restaurant?’ ‘Yes, I _____ every week.’

A. come there                        B. come here                          C. go there                D. go here

17. When they got to school, they _____ the bell ringing.

A. heard                    B. listened                 C. were hearing                      D. were listening

18. Economists are becoming _____ worried about the Euro zone.

A. increasingly     B. increase     C. increasing     D. increased

19. People love my Aunt Em. She looks so _____.

A. pleasantly     B. she’s pleasant     C. to be pleasant     D. pleasant

20. You _____ to go home if you don’t feel well.

A. ought                    B. would                    C. will                        D. should

21. When Saul got tired, he stopped _____.

A. study                     B. studying                 C. studies                   D. to study

22. My tea set is _____.

A. as old as yours     B. as old as your one     C. so old as yours     D. so old as your one

23. He’d previously had a bicycle but it _____ several times last spring.

A. was breaking down     B. has broken down     C. breaks down     D. broke down

24. What on earth have you _____! The house smells awful.

A. to cook                  B. been cooking                     C. cook                      D. be cooking

25. _____ at the moment, I’ll go buy the newspaper.

A. As it doesn’t rain               B. For it doesn’t rain               C. As it isn’t raining                       D. For it isn’t raining

26. Your dog shouldn’t be in the restaurant! _____

A. Get out it!     B. Put it off!     C. Take it out!     D. Take away it!

27. He didn’t thank me for the advice. That’s _____ annoyed me.

A. what                   B. the which                      C. the thing what                     D. that which

28. We usually go to an organic dairy _____ our butter.

A. for buying     B. in order buy     C. for to buy     D. to buy

29. I don’t eat meat. _____

A. John doesn’t that either.           B. So doesn’t John.          C. Neither does John.               D. John doesn’t too.

30. Bob wants to get a better _____ and earn more money.

A. job                        B. employ                   C. work                      D. employment

31. He thought we had met before. He confused me with _____.

A. one other                  B. other person              C. someone else                D. some other

32. He _____ on the test.

A. did a lot of faults      B. made a lot of mistakes     C. did a lot of mistakes                         D. made a lot of faults

33. That’s the career path _____.

A. I’m interested in          B. what I’m interested on          C. I’m interested on                       D. what I’m interested in

34. They went to the party _____ they hadn’t been invited.

A. in case                   B. even                      C. in spite of                          D. although

35. We were in the station for at least half an hour, waiting _____ leave

A. for the bus                  B. the bus to                     C. the bus’s               D. for the bus to

36. I _____ you earlier, but I’ve been extremely busy.

A. must have told         B. should have told     C. had to tell         D. ought to tell

37. I wish I _____ suggest something more appropriate, but this is all we have available.

A. could                     B. can                       C. should                   D. would

38. If Sylvia doesn’t turn _____ in the next few minutes, the train will leave without her.

A. out                        B. up                         C. off                         D. in

39. She was wearing _____ beautiful jewelry that I was really jealous.

A. a so                       B. so                         C. such                      D. such a

40. While I was sitting on the park bench a bird _____ on my shoulder.

A. lands                     B. land                       C. landed                   D. landing

41. You may not like the humid weather here, but you’ll have to __________, I’m afraid.

A. tell it off     B. sort itself out     C. put up with it     D. put it off

42. It’s cold outside.  You should ___________ on a warm jacket.

A. put                        B. wear                      C. dress                     D. take

43. Viola will look ______________ our cats while we’re away on holiday.

A. at                          B. for                        C. into                       D. after

44. She ___________ a lot of her free time on the internet.

A. does                      B. spends                   C. has                        D. makes

45. Hello, this is James. Could I ___________________ to Lisa, please?

A. say                        B. tell                        C. call                        D. speak

46. They’re coming to Norfolk ___________________ Saturday.

A. in                          B. at                          C. on                         D. with

47. It’s become very easy to ___________ debt these days.

A. go into                   B. become                 C. go down to                             D. get into

48. Don’t waste time! Let’s get _____________!

A. highlight                 B. cracking                C. massive                  D. with immediate effect

49. I called her ____________ I heard about it.

A. minute                   B. during                    C. by the time                       D. the moment

50. You look very ____________. Why don’t you go to bed?

A. nap                       B. asleep                    C. sleepy                    D. sleeper

First read the questions, then read the text about a man who is walking to the North Pole. Circle A, B, or C on your answer sheet.

51. What is special about Rich Miller’s journey?

A. He started the journey in May.
B. No one has walked to the North Pole before without help.
C. He will not accept help from anyone.

52. What is the problem that Rich now faces?

A. He cannot find a clear way to continue.
B. He must stay in his camp because of the weather.
C. He lost his skis during an accident.

53. The organizers will rescue Rich when…

A. his family and friends ask for help.
B. Rich tells them he cannot go on.
C. they lose the satellite connection.

Rich Miller is on a 500-mile walk so this is no ordinary journey. He is trying to walk to the North Pole from Norway. He is the first person to try to walk alone and completely unaided; no planes will drop him extra supplies. He is 42 and from Dublin in Ireland. He left Hard Island, Norway, on May 2, carrying all his food and equipment on a sledge. At this time of the year temperatures can fluctuate from –8C to as low as –18C. He knows this is a very difficult challenge he has set himself but he won’t give up easily. On Tuesday, for example, he walked 16km in storms and he fell through ice up to his knees while wearing skis. He has completed about two-thirds of his trek so he is about 200 miles from the North Pole but for the last four days he has been confined to his temporary camp by fierce Arctic storms with winds of up to 60mph. Visibility is minimal so it is very difficult for him to navigate across the last part of his journey. In addition, the ice is breaking up and separating from the stable ice. This means that he may find areas of clear water between him and his final destination. The organizers of the expedition say they may have to rescue him if he cannot continue to the North Pole. Of course, they hope this will not happen but they explain that there are limits. The organizers keep in touch with Rich via satellite phone. As soon as Rich says he can go no further, they have a plan to get him out. His family and friends fully support him in his adventure and say they are proud of him whether he finishes the journey or not.

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